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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Final Days in Swaziland

Our team had an incredible experience throughout our journey. We saw over 1000 children and adults through the dental clinics and nutritional assessments. We were treated to wonderful food, fellowship, and new friendships. Each of our experiences were different, but we shared a common bond as a team. The Swazi people take the best care of their guests, we could not have asked for better hospitality. Throughout the three weeks in the beautiful Kingdom of Swaziland, our team was able to truly witness the day to day challenges the people of rural and urban Swaziland face. Whether it's the shortage of food, shelter, and drinkable water in the rural areas, or for the people throughout the country faced with HIV/AIDS and lack of medicine to treat the variety of diseases and infections. As Americans, we struggled with daily showers and the shortage of Internet availability; such an insignificant problem when you look at all they face on a day to day basis. We will never forget the beautiful songs, the way they worship and dance throughout their church services, and the welcoming hugs and handshakes from everyone we met. Springtime in Swaziland is a definite "must see" along with the winding red dirt pathways that veer of into the distance from the main roads leading to a quaint homestead where a Gogo (grannie) and her grandson or granddaughter live in a one room thatched hut. In the morning that child will walk possibly 1-3 miles to school for their potential one meal per day. Again, as Americans, we take so much for granted and do we truly appreciate what we have? These scenes will remain in our hearts and minds until we meet again. Salakahle...Gugu (Elizabeth)


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