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Monday, November 19, 2012

Just in time liturgical planning

From Mary Jane+:

As the clergy lined up for the procession into the civic center in Manzini for the consecration of Bp. Ellinah, we were divided into diocesan and visiting clergy.  But, by the time we were inside and seated, I found myself seated among both Swazi's and mostly South Africans.  At the peace, one of the archdeacons approached the priest next to me and told him to quickly find 16 pairs to administer communion.  And then he said, start with these two next to you, referring to Grace+ from SA and myself.  So, very soon, I was standing on the raised stage receiving communion from the new Bishop, and then we went to our station to share with almost overwhelming joy the Body and Blood uniting us with Christ.  While communion was being served, Bp. Peyton from Brechin was one of three Bishops who went to bless the many, many children.  He said he thought some Bishops did not like to do this, but he was glad to be asked and is truly in his element with young children! When Mthr. Grace and I had finally served all who came to our station, we were asked to go up to the balcony to serve the massed diocesan choir.  As we climbed the stairs, we were enveloped in their singing!  I kept looking for one older woman from Manzini who sang in the choir for the 40th Anniversary of the Diocese celebration in 2008. And suddenly, she was the next person in line.  As the Swazi's proclaim often in call and response, "God is Good!  All the Time!"


  • Oh my heart is with you all! Thank you so much for these reflections and the photos. I cannot wait to hear all about your journey. Sending love and prayers
    Lydia Bucklin

    By Blogger Lydia Bucklin, at 8:08 AM  

  • Wonderful story! God is Good! All the Time! This will be my next song! Ben Allaway

    By Anonymous Ben Allaway, at 10:50 PM  

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