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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Right Rev. Ellinah Mamukoya, Undoubted Bishop of Swaziland

A few more reflections on the Consecration and Enthronement, before we move on to happenings since Saturday . . .  Those of us in the audience had a great view and were immersed in the choruses of powerful singing as the welcomes and then the Consecration Service unfolded. We heard a sermon from Rev. David Dinkebogile that emphasized the importance of the historic moment and then pointed out that more properly this consecration was like all others, marking a transition point, a moment of transformation on a Bishop-Elect's walk with God.  This time it happens to be a woman's walk with God.  Rev. Mandla Dlamini recapped the serman in siSwati.  Rev. David's presentation was energetic and engaging, but Rev. Mandla surpassed even that.   Archbishop Thabo Makgoba's smile and voice expressed his sincere joy about  the consecration of this woman as the first woman Anglican bishop on the African continent.  After the laying on of hands by the Bishops present, joy broke out on the raised platform as the peace started.  Then came the legal part of the ceremony, part of the Enthronement I believe.  Three judges read the documents, verified the signatures and finally proclaimed that Ellinah Mamukoya as the undoubted Bishop of Swaziland.  After that one group of clergy after the other were called forward to stand with Bishop Ellinah and proclaim that she was their undoubted Bishop and they would be loyal to her and to their ordination vows.  It was a very impressive part of the service.  Welcome and blessings from official "link partners", representatives of "civil society" and government representatives were acknowledged.  Then it was time for the Eucharist.  The Holy Spirit filled the entire convention hall at that point.  One highlight was concelebration of the Eucharistic sentences by the Archbishop, Bishop Ellinah, a Provincial Bishop and then Bishop Nigel Peyton.  This, in particular, honored the Companion relationships of which we are a part.  Bishop Ellinah's words of welcome to those present.  She expressed her humility at having been chosen by the Diocese and confirmed by the Province, and also spoke of a growing acceptance that God would guide her and provide what was needed for the Diocese of Swaziland.  She said that ArchBishop Thabo had come to Swaziland in March and instructed the priests to "soak Swaziland in prayer" as they approached the transition point represented by the election of a new Bishop.  Bishop Ellinah said that they had done that, and that her election was the result.  In this presentation and in others, "women's powers" or "motherly skills" were mentioned.  These seem to be the combining of a woman's love and compassion for her family with the strength to do the things that must be done to ensure the success of the family. 

This has been a pretty dense block of text. Here are some photos as a reward.  


  • fantastic!! great photos & posting! so glad you made this trip... you will enrich all of us upon your return to Iowa!

    By Blogger Mission Team ~ Iowa, at 9:10 PM  

  • This has so rewarding to read your wonderful blog

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